Live Training Class

With JoElle

Learn How to Teach Your Expertise

SUNDAY, MAY 16, 2021



What You Will Learn

All the ways to create additional streams of income for your business by teaching your expertise. You will also learn how to transition out of the treatment room, if you have reached a point in your career where you would like to primarily focus on teaching and training in the esthetics industry. 


How to Position Yourself as an Expert

Do you feel you have mastered a skill in esthetics and you would like to share that mastery or expertise with others? Well, it is very important that you position yourself as an expert in the industry to enable you to share your knowledge and profit from it.


How to Create, Develop and Promote You & Your Expertise 

Marketing to other estheticians or colleagues is completely different than marketing to clients. Learning how to present yourself and your knowledge with authenticity and consistency will ensure a large following and lead to you being a recognized leader in the industry.


Add Additional Streams of Income to Your Business

Teaching your Expertise is a sure fire way to increase revenue streams. You will leave this class with all the ways to monetize your knowledge and increase your overall bottom line.

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